Koe no Katachi Anime is Official!!!


This year’s 51st issue of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine has announced on Oima Yoshitoki’s Koe no Katachi’s final chapter cover page that the series will be getting a anime adapation.



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Hanayamata and God the Father

Medieval Otaku

My liking for Hanayamata came as a surprise to me, as the show falls very solidly in the slice-of-life genre.  I often find that I enjoy shoujo more than slice-of-life!  However, like GJ-bu, the characters were endearing, which made me feel a genuine interest for their ordinary struggles, especially the difficulties within their own families.  As an added bonus, the last episode of the series struck me with the inspiration to write this article on how many people hold a distorted vision of God the Father.  Curiously, it was Hana’s mother who drew my thoughts to Our Father with her going halfway around the world to meet her child and her statement: “Who will listen to their child’s selfishness if not their parent?”  How a mother becomes an icon pointing to God the Father reminds me of how God’s love is often compared to a mother’s for her children…

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The Rising Tide: Madoka Rebellion and Communal Culture

Wrong Every Time

“And I / I disowned my / own family
All for love / All for love.”
The Lake – Typhoon

Madoka Rebellion

I’ve been planning on writing about Madoka Rebellion for a long time now, but Rebellion really hasn’t made it easy for me. It’s a strange beast – both reflective of Madoka Magica and totally apart from it, a continuation in some ways, a betrayal in others. Though you can certainly critique it as a film in its own right, it only really unfolds when you put it in context – and when a film’s context is “an emerging sea change in the process of media engagement,” it can be kinda hard to sum up the film as Good or Bad! If you’re looking for a simple takeaway, I believe Rebellion is a beautiful film and a terrible sequel – but why that is, and what its existence actually reflects, will…

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Sword Art Online II Confirmed to Cover Calibur and Mother’s Rosary Arc

I’ve read the arcs. They get a bit complicated, so reading them imo was really difficult for me. Hopefully, they make the anime simplified but content-wise, all is still there 🙂



At the end of the 14th episode of Sword Art Online II, it was revealed that the 2 cour of the anime will cover both the Calibur and Mother’s Rosary arc.  The Calibur arc will start on October 18, 2014 while the Mother’s Rosary arc will start on November 8, 2014.  Both arcs will use new theme songs.  Tomatsu Haruka will perform the opening theme while LiSA will return and perform the ending theme.

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New Manga / Novel: Fate/strange fake Revealed


TYPE-MOON has announced that a new manga / novel, Fate/strange fake will be releasing this winter.


Few years after the 5th Holy Grail War, sign of another Holy Grail War was being awaken in the land of America, Snow Field.  The Magic Association investigated it and confirmed it to be a fake Holy Grail War that someone recreated to be similar to the original.  There were defects in the system such as missing classes and servants that should not have been summoned.  The story starts off  when someone travels to Snow Field and triggers it.

Narita Ryohgo (Baccano!!, Durarara) will be writing the story while Morii Shizuki will be drawing the illustration.

Archer – Gilgamesh

Archer’s Master – Tine Ghelc

Lancer’s Master – ???

Lancer – Enkidu

Caster’s Master – Orlando Reeve

Caster – ???

Rider’s Master – Tubaki Kuruoka

Rider – ???

Assassin’s Master – Jester Karture


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Kisara’s Revenge: Right or Wrong?

Medieval Otaku

Here’s one last article on Black Bullet and the Spring season of 2014.  Like most of you, Kisara’s utter obliteration of her treacherous brother took me by surprise.  I thought that she would let him off with the loss of his legs, but I suppose cutting off a limb is always the prelude to giving the killing stroke–whether one is considering Japanese or Western martial arts.  Anyway, the parricidal villain got what he deserved.


Or did he?  Kisara laughs maniacally after his death and claims that she is evil and that only evil can eradicate evil.  These two claims strike one as shocking, especially for someone from a culture where filial piety is so esteemed.  (And no, evil cannot eradicate evil.  Only justice and mercy can.)  When one takes that into account along with the traditional belief that the victims of murder will not rest in peace until they have…

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